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Standard Cooler


Standard solutions – made by AKG

Affordable prices, short lead times and simple cooler selection using the cooler selection program are just some of the advantages AKG standard coolers can offer. 
Via our dealer search you can quickly reach the AKG autorized dealer responsible for your area.

A variety of air-cooled equipment for different applications and operating conditions is available.


AKG-Line  is a standard line of products from the market leader in high performance aluminum cooling systems.

The AKG-Line type series consist of different models for mobile and stationary applications and are available through our global specialist dealer network. This line of products embraces all-purpose complete cooling systems that comply with European or American Standards, is suited for normal or rugged environmental operating conditions, and is powered by AC-, DC- or hydraulic-motor-driven fans and is also available with noise-optimized models.

AKG-Engine-Line  is a standard line of products for engine applications.

Our engine cooling packages cover a power range from 100 kW to 500 kW engine power. They can be universally used for engines of all makes, including Deutz Engines, Cummins, CAT, Perkins, MAN as soon as MTU and more.

Other Standard Coolers

AKG CP- and CPC-Cooler, Concrete-mixer Cooler, AKG T- and TL-Cooler

Please turn to the AKG contract dealer who is responsible for you.

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