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Kältetrockner Wärmetauscher

AKG Service


AKG Service

As a leading manufacturer of heat-exchangers AKG offers repair and general overhaul (with new radiator cores) of thermal equipment. Our range of service includes reconditioning of aluminium-coolers as well as the repair of copper/brass products. These service- and maintenance operations are carried out central in our plant in France.

Our services:
• Consulting and sales
• Repair of coolers
• Replacement of cores


Our service performance is applied in the following areas:
• Railway vehicles  
• Defense vehicles
• Gensets
• Construction equipment
• Compressors
• Etc.

Your contact at the AKG Group

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Contact person:
Mr. Colby
Phone: +49 5671 883 1113
Fax:     +49 5671 883 1260


Contact person:
Ms. Trautenberger
Phone: +33 3 87 95 1111
Fax:     +33 3 87 95 5005

Europe (without Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France)

Contact person:
Mr. Colby
Phone:  +49 5671 883 1113
Fax:      +49 5671 883 1260

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AKG Cooler-Workshop 2017

On Friday, the AKG Group organized a cooler workshop for the “Formula Student” teams.



If you have any questions about our company or our product portfolio, feel free to contact us!
+49 (0)5671 883-0