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Successful exhibition debut at the ILA for AKG

As on June 4, the International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) closed its doors in Berlin, not only the organizers were able to look back with satisfaction on a successful trade fair, also the AKG group of companies, who exhibited for the first time.

As one of official 1,017 exhibitors from 37 countries AKG took place at the "Hessen-Aviation" (ferderation) pavilion in the "International Suppliers Center". AKG showed the ACU-coolers which are already in mass production for the Airbus A350, the latest aviation coolers for diesel aircraft engines CD 155 and CD 300 and also the oil cooler for a twin-engine turboprop aircraft.
The coolers were partly delivered to customers and are currently in the test bench or flight test.

The conversation partners came from all areas of aviation, from aircraft or helicopter manufacturers, engine and transmission companies to manufacturers of on-board systems or sensor containers.