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AKG visited the Formula Student Germany 2015

18 teams were equipped with coolers from AKG in spring, now 12 teams qualified for the most important formula student event in Hockenheim.

Finally 71 teams with combustion engines and 39 with electric drives participated in this year‘s competition.
The highlight was the endurance race on August 2nd, where the vehicles have to complete about a 13 mile (22 km) course. After a few AKG colleagues joined the Hockenheim event last year this time an international delegation visited the race track.
Temperatures far above 86°F (30°C) challenged drivers and vehicles such as only 39 vehicles passed. Unfortunately only three teams with AKG-cooled combustion engines could finish the race: Like last year the team „THM-Motorsport“ from Gießen finished on ranking 10. Despite of cooling problems the "Herkules racing team" from the University of Kassel could finish the course in a good time and reached rank 14. As third AKG-team the racing team from the University of Paderborn made it to rank 32.

The AKG group wishes all the best to the teams for the remaining races of the 2015 season!