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Girls' & Boys' Day 2015

On the occasion of the Girls' and Boys' Day on 23rd April 2015, again AKG welcomed 20 kids from 10-16 years old.

As in recent years, the Girls' and Boys' day was organized by the apprentices of the 1st year under the motto "look, touch, try out".
After an initial round of introductions at the training center followed by a corporate presentation in which the pupils got an overview of the company and the training professions offered at AKG in Hofgeismar. Part of the presentation was, for example, to find out where the global AKG plants placed on a world map and a quiz about apprenticeships. Thus the presented content could better memorize.
In the design department, the kids had the opportunity under the guidance of the staff, to create own 3D-design system models in CAD.
Back at the training center, a nice breakfast buffet was already prepared. After a safety briefing, the pupils explored at a company tour, the production area.
Following up the kids set a cooler on a set model. After a short feedback they got a little farewell present.
All in all it can be said that it was a great day, especially because of the good organization from the apprentices and the impressive interest of these kids. It was a complete success and perhaps we will see one or the other during an internship or training.